Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)

Line spikes and transients, sags and surges, momentary brown outs, etc. results in erratic behaviour of computers and similar loads. CVT provides sufficient degree of output voltage regulation against random changes in the input voltage and load.The load is completely protected against spikes, surges and brown outs.


The AC mains power the input winding which is widely separated physically from the isolated output winding. The input winding normally runs at very moderate Flux linkage levels. The output winding exhibits an intrinsic energy storage characteristic. This energy storage operates in conjunction with the mains capacitor to produce self- generated AC flux fields, which is indirectly excited from the input windings.


Instantaneous Voltage Regulation. No Transient and Spikes, Sinewave output. A perfect answer and remedy for every electronic equipments voltage problems.

  • No semiconductors or moving parts used, hence very high reliability

  • No feedback control used

  • Intrinsic current limiting and short circuit protection

  • Output voltage correction with ½ cycle (10 milliseconds) from no load to full load for specified load & line variation

  • Short term over load capacity

  • Energy storage for line loss up to 3 milliseconds at typical load

  • Higher input voltage control range, for loads less than rated load

  • Very high line transient/spike rejection capability and excellent isolation characteristic

  • Output floating (optional)



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