R.O Water Purifier
 EPCON Reverse osmosis water Purification system help  in maintaining the Drinking water quality by removing.
  • Physical Impurities

  • Dissolved Impurities

  • Chemical Impurities

  • Microbiological  Impurities.

  • Reducing Water Hardness

  • Bringing Dawn the level of TDS  

 EPCON Water Purification System

Reverse Osmosis is a process   wherein is forced through s semi-permeable membrane (0.0001 Micron) by applying strong pressure, thereby allowing only fine water molecules to pass through it. All contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, herbicides, heavy metals and chemical poisons are removed, with added special features, pure water is then collected n a container and dirty water with impurities s discharged separately.

 What is wrong with my drinking water?

Water we drink may contain various physical, micro-biological, Toxi chemical & dissolved impurities extremely harmful to our body. See below column for a description of some harmful impurities that may be present in your drinking water system.

 Dangerous Water Borne Impurities
Excess Impurity Potential health Hazards
Calcium Kidney Stone
Magnesium Digestion related diseases
Sodium High Blood Pressure
Potassium Electrolyte imbalance
Fluoride Bone disease & ugly patches on the teeth
Nickel  Kidney damage/Respiratory problems/High risk of
Sulphate Dehydration/Gastrointestinal irritation
Nitrates Blue baby syndrome
Lead In children delayed development of mental and physical faculties
Pesticides Cancer, Nervous system damage, Birth defects
 Wall -Mount Model
Purification Capacity

Upto 15 U/hr

TDS Removal 90% - 95%
Water Recovery Up to 30%
Power Supply 220 Vą 10%, 50Hz AC
Booster Pump    24-48 V DC
Duty Cycle 75Ltrs/day
Power Consumption

30W (When in USE)

Purification 5 Stages
 Unique Features

5 Stage Water Purifier, SMPS, Microprocessor Controller Auto-flushing (at start, at intermittent 1/2 hour & at shut-off), LEDs, Options of Manual/Fully automatic with auto-start and auto off, TFC Membrane.


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