R.O Water Purifier
 Counter -top Model
Purification Capacity:- Up to 15lt/ hr
Tank capacity :- 8 Ltrs
Pure water capacity:- 7.2 Ltrs
TDS Removal:- 90%- 90%
Water Recovery:- Up to 30%
Power Supply:- 220V ± 10%, 50Hz AC
Booster Pump:- 24- 48 V DC
Duty Cycle:- 75 Ltrs / day
Power Consumption:- 30V (When in USE)
Purification:- 5 Stage
 Unique Features

5 Stage Water Purifier, SMPS, Microprocessor Controller, Auto-flushing (at start, at intermittent hour & at shut- off), Magnetic sensor, LEDs, Fully Automatic with auto-start & auto-off, TFC Membrane.

Purification Capacity:- Up to 15 Lt/hr
Tank    Capacity:- 11 Ltrs
Pure Water capacity:- 10.2 Ltrs
TDS Removal:- 90% - 95%
Water Recovery:- Up to 30%
Power supply:- 220V 10%, 50 Hz AC
Booster Pump:- 24-48 V DC
Duty Cycle:- 75Ltrs/day
Power Consumption:- 30W (When in USE)
Purification:- 6 Stages

 Unique Features

6 Stages Water purifier, SMPS, Microprocessor controller, Auto- flushing (at start, at intermittent hour & at shut-off ) Magnetic sensor, LEDs,   fully Automatic with auto-start & auto-off, Taste conditioner cartridges, TFC Membrane.

 Great Benefits of EPCON RO System
  • Enhances taste of water by removing undesirable heavy salts and minerals.

  • Removes contaminants that & may cause high blood pressure, kidney stones, indigestion, gastric bacterial diseases, etc.

  • No more risk of purchasing spurious bottled water.

  • Hard saline water, Bore-well, Hard, Municipal supplied or overhead tank water can be handled to give you the best quality drinking water.

  • Removes salinity and hardness from raw water,  besides eliminating impurities, viruses and bacteria.

  • RO water storage capacity enables to have purified water on demand even where there in no electricity


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