R.O Water Purifier
 Unique Features of EPCON RO
  • Auto -Flushing System.

  • Microprocessor Controlled RO System .

  • Double 0-ring Filter housing 100% leak proof. 

  • Inbuilt  SMPS for Voltage Protection (120 V- 280V).

  • Melt-blown Cartridges for higher dirt holding capacity.

  • Pro-filter for self-servicing to enhance RO membrane life.

  • LEDs to indicate a facets of RO System Automatic ON & OFF.

  • Taste conditioner cartridges as an additional 6th stage (optional) .

  • 5-Time better burst pressure of Biter housing for additional safety.

  • High quality Carbon for higher chlorine absorption and better membrane life.

 EPCON RO Water Purification Process
 Stage-1: Sediment Filter
 Removes Suspended Solids & Dust
 Stage -2: Pre-Carbon Filter
 Removes Colour ,  Colour, Free Chlorine, Organics & Pesticides
 Stage-3 Carbon Block Filter (CTO)
 Removes smaller  contaminants &   remaining particles
 Stage-4: RO Membrane
 Removes Undesirable Toxic Chemicals, Dissolved Solids, Virus &Bacteria
 Stage-5: Post-Carbon Filter
Restores  natural taste of water
Stage-6: Taste Conditioner (Optional)
 Further enhances taste of purified water
EPCON RO Advantage
Advantage UV Based  Water Purifier EPCON RO Water Purifier
Removes Bacteria & Viruses NO (Only deactivates) YES
Removes Dissolved Impurities NO YES
Converts Hard Water Into Soft Water NO YES

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