On-Line UPS


  • IGBT-based high frequency PWM Inverter.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • Pure sine wave output.
  • Protection from spikes, surges, RFI, EMI
  • Constant voltage and frequency
  • EPROM/Micro controller design
  • Low noise < 50db upto 10 KVA
  • Extended backup time
  • Reliable Double Conversion Technology
  • Float-cum-boost charger
  • Soft start facility
  • Clean computer grade power to critical load
  • Internal Isolation Transformer (5KVA & above Model)
  • Generator compatible
  • High crest factor
  • Less harmonic distortion
  • Static bypass switch (Optional)
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Banking Insurance & Financial Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Embroidary Machines , Laser Cutting Machine
  • Information Technology - Data centre, Service
  • Air Traffic Control Systems
  • Digital Mini Labs, Image Processing
  • Setellite System,Work Stetlone
  • Industrial Automation, Process Control
  • General Laboratory Equipment
  • Studio ,Painting and Media Equipment
  SATURN On - Line UPS is the perefect solution for mission critical users who Demand high Reliability, Availability and Performance for critical electronic equipment and computer loads. High Frequency PWM Technology using IGBT Provides high Efficiency, low noise and faster translent response. If features double conversion true on - Line technology and incorporatig IGBT in converter section.Incoming mains is rectified rate and converted in to suitable DC to charge the Batteries at predefined rate and also supply power to the inverter. The inverter coverts DC Bank in to AC at precise voltage and frequency to feed the sensitive load. The conversion topologies very depending upon the model
Each Model ensure clean computer grade sinewave output, free from all disturbances like surges, spikes, glitches, brownoutes etc.


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