On-Line UPS
1KVA-10KVA (Single Phase Input & Single Phase Output)
10KVA-30KVA (Three Phase Input & Single Phase Output)
5KVA-100KVA (Three Phase Input & Three Phase Output)
Input Parameters:  
AC Input Voltage 230V20% (Single Phase)
415V20% (Three Phase)
Frequency 50Hz10%                           
 DC Voltage:-  
UPS Capacity DC Voltage
1KVA to 3 KVA 36V/72V/96V
5 KVA to 7.5 KVA 180V/240V/360V
10 KVA to 40 KVA 360V  
50 KVA to 100 KVA 396V
Output Voltage 220/230V1% (Single Phase)
400V/4151% (Three Phase)
Frequency 50 Hz0.02% Hz (Crystal controlled)
Waveform Pure Sinewave
Efficiency > 90%
Harmonic Distortion < 3%
Crest Factor > 4:1
Power Factor 0.8 lagging to unity
Overload 110% for 10 minutes
Transient Recovery Less than 2.5V Variation for 100% Step load
Change and Recovery time to less then 4 milliseconds
Audible Noise < 55db
Backup DC Source: Tubular/ Automotive /SMF Batteries
Backup Time: 15 mins. to 8 hrs (Depends on Battery Bank)
Display Volt Meter for Output Volt Display /LCD
Indications Mains On, UPS on, Load On Batteries,Charging.
Battery Low, Inverter Overload
Ambient Temp 0-450 C
Cooling Forced Air
  • DC over Voltage
  • Parallel Redundant/Hot standby modes
  • DC under Voltage
  • Static Bypass system for Automatic Transfer
  • Output AC over Voltage
  • Isolation Transformer and Servo Stabiliser in Bypass line
  • Output AC under Voltage
  • Microprocessor-based digital metering
  • Output Overload/Short Circuit
  • Serial RS 232 interface


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