Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer provides complete electrostatic & electromagnetic shielding. The presence of spikes and transients or noise in the supply line leads to the erratic behavior. The electrostatic and electromagnetic shielding provided by Isolation Transformer eliminates line disturbances and prevents faulty and erratic operation of critical and sensitive instruments & equipments.

  • Switching of electrical utilities like Capacitors, MCCBs, ACBs, etc.

  • The inductive loads like Motors, Elevators, Compressors, Overhead Cranes and Presses.

  • Switching equipments like Inverters, UPSs, SMPS, etc. generate electrical noises due to switching of Thyristors, Relays, Transistors, etc.

  • Welding systems pollute earthing systems, adds notches and high frequency noises in the wave form.

  • Lightening, precipitation of static charges and electrical discharges in the atmosphere are the natural cause of generation of various electrical noises.

  • Electrical noises are observed to occur over a wideband of frequency ranging from 1 KHz to 100 MHz  and above. Magnitude is observed to be as high as 4000 to 6000 Volts in 3 phase supply system.

  • The high frequency noise can interface with digitalelectronic equipments causing untraceable data  errors, change of programme, loss of memory, erratic behavior, etc.

  • The high voltage spikes can cause the failure of Thyristors or Transistor, Micro Processors and other sensitive devices.

  • The radiated noise can interface in operation of remote control equipment like Cranes, Digital Controls or Telecom Equipments.

Isolation Transformer isolates primary and secondary, or separates neutral-to-ground bond on the secondary side. It can be used to create separately derived source to combat current loops.The Ultra Isolation Transformers are available in different levels of noise attenuation capabilities, the most commonly used are 100 & 120 dB. The coupling capacitance between primary and secondary is direct 1:1 relationship with dB levels.

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