Isolation Transformer

  • Machine tools/ CNC equipments Industrial automation applications
  • Broadcast communications & Telecommunication equipment
  • General laboratory equipment
  • Refineries & their distribution outlets
  • Hospitals, Diagnostic labs Imaging equipments
  • Building / Shopping mall automation
  • Data centers / Call centers
  • Process industries & Chemical plants
  • UPS bypass Power distribution
  • Complete electrostatic shielding.
  • Isolates sensitive & critical equipments from noise power lines.
  • Filters power line noise, Spikes & Transients.
  • Minimizing common mode noise by 85 dB.

Isolation Transformer is constructed with a primary and secondary winding closely wrapped about the same ferrous core. A single faraday shield is used between the primary and secondary winding to divert noise, which would normally be electrically coupled between the primary and secondary winding to ground.


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