Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Industrial units running round-the-clock usually face the problem of low & high voltage. Ninety percent of the industrial load is of motors. Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer is an equipment that helps obtain constant voltage from fluctuating supply system. This stabilizer is useful for any kind of application and is most suitable for 24-hour continuous process plants, where breakdowns—owing to fluctuation—result in heavy financial losses and damage of expensive equipment.

  • Computers

  • Air Conditioners

  • Printing Presses

  • Medical Equipment

  • Photographic Equipment

  • General Laboratory Equipment

  • UPS Bypass and Power Distribution

  • Petrol Pumps / Diesel Retail Outlets

  • Electronic Devices & Telecommunication Equipment

  • Industrial Application (Machine Tools / CNC Equipment / Automation)

  • Integrated circuits control without relays

  • Auto-manual operation facilities from front panel

  • Stepless voltage correction at high speed without overshoot

  • Zero waveform distortion and unaffected by load power factor

  • Output voltage sensing circuits that use solid state switching circuits

  • High efficiency and unaffected by line frequency variation (between 48 Hz to 52 Hz)

  • Overload protection

  • Filters for line interferences

  • Single phasing preventer in Three Phase

  • Automatic switch-off against over/under voltage

  • Time delay: Starts equipment after 2-3 minutes to Protect against intermittent failures of power supply


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