Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)
Range KVA  0.5,1.0,2.0,3.0,5.0,10 and 20KVA
Input Voltage  180-270V
Frequency  50 Hz ± 2.5 Hz
Output Voltage  220/ 230 ±  1%
Efficiency  >87%(At full linear load )
Output waveform  sine wave
Total harmonic Distortion  Within 5% at Rated load at 220 V input
Response time  30 ms
Galvanic isolation  from mains  Ultra high isolation
Output voltage correction  2 Cycle (Max), for no load to full load  conditions
Common -Mode noise attenuation  1:3000, Typical (10 KHz to 5 MHz: 85 to 21  db typical)
Normal- mode noise attenuation  1:3000, Typical (10 KHz to 5 MHz: 62 to 21  db typical)
Ambient temperature  Upto 550 C at 95% RH
Insulation Class  Class 'F'
Insulation Resistance  >100MW at 500 VDC
High Voltage/ Insulation Test  2 KV AC applied for 1 minute
Audible Noise  30 db to 65 db proportionate to the unit capacity
  Due to continuous product development, specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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