Solar System

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Solar Division such as Solar Hybrid Inverter, Solar Home Lighting System and Solar Panel from India.

  Solar Hybrid Inverter
We are involve in offering superior quality Solar Hybrid Inverters. These Solar Hybrid Inverters are standard quality products that are highly demanded by large number of customers. These products are available in market at most economical rate.
  Solar Home Lighting System
The Solar Home System (Home Power) offered by Sunrise are of high performance, complete and easy to install. Incorporating years of experience and the latest solar technology, Sunrise harnesses the power of the sun to provide reliable and cost effective electricity. These systems supply electricity for lighting, entertainment and information to homes that are not connected to grids or where it is quite erratic. The Solar home system is an excellent solution for household electrification in rural areas.
  A typical standalone solar photovoltaic home sytem comprises PV module for charging the battery, solar deep cycle battery for storage, a solar charge controller for the safe charging and discharging of the battery, lighting luminary and provision for connection other loads (radio, tape recorder, portable TV etc. depending upon the configuration) as well as a complete set of installation hardware.
Safe & easy to install
Free from noise, smoke and pollution
Available in different configurations
Elegant and efficient luminaries
Provisions for operating extra loads
Highly advanced charge controller
Longer battery life ensured
Adequate protections and indications
Possible to expand the system in future
  Solar Panel

The revolution and development in the world of Solar Panels in the last couple of decades has given significant value to solar energy in the world’s constantly increasing demand for energy. Photovoltaic cells are used in solar panels so as to convert photos into electricity. These panels provide you clean and renewable energy from sunlight.

  Solar Panels literally harvest the suns energy and transform them into electricity that can be used. These panels consist of solar cells arranged in a special grid-like design on their surface. It is these cells gather sunlight and convert the energy into electricity.


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