R.O.Water Purification Plant
 EPCON RO Features
  • Plant Skid Made of Stainless Steel
  • Pre Filter with GAC/Sediment in 20/Jumbo Housing
  • Pre Filter In FRP Vessel
  • Feed Water Pump / Raw water pump
  • High Pressure Vertical Pump
  • FRP/SS Membrane housing
  • Automatic Anti-Scalant dosing pump (optional)
  • Single switch Auto control panel with LED/LCD Display for easy to operate
  • Low /High pressure switch
  • High Quality PVC/SS Piping
  • Membrance clearing system (Optional)
  • Online TDS/Conductivity meter (Optional)
  • Design for optimized flow rate & recovery
  • On-Line Instrumentation ( Flow meter & Pressure Gauges) to monitor treated water quality
  • Efficiently removes up to 95% of total dissolved solids (TDS) or salinity to produce water that is pure , safe & clear
EPCON RO systems are ideal for your requirements assuring not only high quality performance but efficiency as well and they deliver the best results at the lowest life cycle cost.
Technical Specification
  • Average Permit water recovery 30-40%(Depends on Raw water TDS)
  • Maximum Permissible TDS in Feed water is 1500-2500 PPM.
  • Average Feed Pressure 90-98%.
  • Minimum Feed Pressure 1.0kg/Cm2.
  • Power supply Required : 230V, 50Hz-1 Phase/ 415V,50Hz-3Phase
  • Purification Capacity: 100 LPH to 10.000LPH.
  • Safe drinking water for housing societies, hostels restaurants & Hospitals.
  • High Purity water for use in artificial kidney dialysis machine in hospitals.
  • Pure & safe water for boiler feed, Pharma ,Milk Process, textile, chemical & other process industries.
  • Food & beverage, Metals & tanneries, Paper & pulp.

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