DM Plant

The basic DM plant must have minimum two resin columns, Cation and Anion. The cation unit contains resins, which are in H+ form and Anion resins in service cycle are in OH- form. The filtered raw water, when passed through a two bed DM plant, cation resins exchange all cations in water and the salts are converted to respective acids. This acidic water is passed through the anion resins, which exchanges the anions and the pure water is achieved.

  The water coming out of Anion unit generally has TDS less than 40 PPM & Hardness less than 1 PPM.

The two bed DM plant generally consists of two pressure vessels for accommodating cation and anion resins, nest of valves or multiport valve, piping, chemical tanks, testing kit and conductivity meter. Depending on raw water & treated water quality desired, the other units get added for a specific purpose.

  Models : From 500 LPH to 40 m3/hr – Manual & Automatic options available
High pressure boilers, electroplating, electronic industry, brewery & beverages.
High quality pharmaceutical applications
Powder coating & Painting booths, Plating baths etc.
All battery water manufactures.
  Degasser Tower

If the alkalinity in raw water is more, then the degasser tower is used to mechanically remove the alkalinity. This is done by passing the water after cation unit into the tower filled with media and the air is passed by using the blower, so that the water is scrubbed by air and the free carbon dioxide is removed through the vent resulting into alkalinity reduction at the outlet. This considerably reduces the ionic load on the Anion unit.

  Mix bed Ion exchanger

Some of the applications like pharma, high pressure boilers, electronic industry etc. require superior quality than available in basic DM plant. In such cases, the mixed bed unit ( MB ) is used to further polish the water. The MB unit consists of two types of resins, cation & anion in the same column. The resins are separated by water during regeneration and mixed with air for service cycle. The TDS after MB unit is generally less than 1 PPM.



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